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Black Elderberry is an Immune Support Dynamo

Immune Health Immune Health

Black Elderberry is beneficial in supporting immune health, according to Dr. Kevin Curran, a PhD in molecular biology and a professor at the University of San Diego.

Curran is also an authority in ethnobotany, which means he investigates use of plants for food and medicine. In his research, elderberries are very high in antioxidants and restraining viruses. Having a strong immune system is a major factor in overall good health, as you could fight off colds and the flu, as well as guard against chronic disease.

When it comes to immunity, people have always used vitamin C, but elderberry is now gaining popularity.

It can be utilized to heal wounds naturally, numb pain, and is helpful for congestion. This natural “medicine” is also useful for the digestive system, weight management, increasing blood circulation in diabetic patients, healing scars, lowering cholesterol, enhancing vision, and it’s even used in cancer treatment.

Elderberry extract can be found in several forms including solid (tea or capsules), liquid (juice or supplements); and even paste form as a jam/jelly or astringent.


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