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BioZzz Now Certified for Sport

Phase 2

BiProUSA (Eden Prairie, MN) announced that BioZzz, an isolated whey protein, has completed the requirements of NSF International’s Athletic Banned Substances Certification Program, Certified for Sport.

BioZzz is the highest natural source of tryptophan and contains no fat, carbs, sugar or lactose, reported BiProUSA, adding tryptophan is an essential amino acid that our bodies cannot live without.

Michael Lee, sales manager, BiProUSA, said athletes end up exhausted traveling non-stop for six months out of a year with jet lag, time zone changes and unfamiliar beds all contributing to not only lack of sleep, but also poor quality of sleep when they finally have time.

“This has a direct correlation with your performance level. With rigorous drug testing rules in effect you have to be extremely careful with what you consume. BioZzz is the only NSF Certified for Sport natural sleep remedy that not only helps with your REM sleep cycle but also helps maintain your muscle development while you are sleeping,” said Lee.

Requirements evaluated by NSF International include: formulation and label review, toxicology review, facility good manufacturing practices (GMP) inspection, laboratory analysis for label contents, undeclared ingredients and contaminants.

For more information, visit www.biprousa.com.

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