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Judy K. Gray is the founder and owner of North American Herb and Spice (NAHS), a company specializing in chemical-free, wild/organic whole-food supplements for the last 30 years. Gray is the author of books on achieving physical, emotional, and spiritual health, including Kids Need Care, and The Greatest Treasure of All. Gray and NAHS have donated funds for two Maasai Maas villages to build schools and wells. The company also supports the National Tiger Sanctuary in Saddlebrook, MO and many other charitable endeavors. Kenya is the 62nd country that Gray has visited.

Question: Please describe the beginnings of NAHS. How and why did you start the company? How is it evolving?

Answer: It began as a dream and desire to make this world better by creating powerful, naturally based whole food supplements. Especially as a master’s of science in nutrition, I wanted supplements that were effective at supporting health in a dramatic way, being dissatisfied with what I had been using from other companies. Then, I realized that wild plants growing in undisturbed soil in remote regions were the sources of the most potent natural therapies. Harvesting these, I found them effective and started the company.

It really got its start when I invented the edible, daily use oil of wild oregano. It proved so potent and helped so many people, starting with my own family members whose health was seriously compromised. It evolved from there with other Mediterranean spice extracts such as the juice of wild oregano, the whole crude wild oregano herb with wild Rhus coriaria, wild rosemary extracts, and wild sage extracts. Thus, I developed the whole food edible herb/spice oil category. More recently, in keeping with this trend I have introduced wild turmeric and wild ashwagandha extracts. Plus, NAHS was the first to bring to the world supplements based on wild chaga.

Recently, there have been several key innovations, notably the creation of the whole food, unprocessed hemp extract line, Hempanol, including Hempanol-CF and Hempanol-PM, along with the truly wild turmeric plus hemp extract complex, Canacurmin, available as sublingual drops.

Question: What are the company’s philanthropic efforts?

Answer: NAHS’s greatest philanthropic effort is the quality and calibre of its supplements, which come to the aid of people all over the world. Even so, the company has achieved many major milestones in philanthropy, including the full support of the National Tiger Sanctuary in Saddlebrook, MO, the planting of thousands of trees in southern Canada along the Credit River, and, more recently, the creation of schools in Turkey and Africa and the discovery and tapping of water wells for Kenyan Masaai villagers. As well, NAHS manages several tree and wilderness set-asides throughout the world, for instance, in Turkey and Canada, keeping the wilderness safe from human encroachment. We also respond quickly when disasters occur with funds and supplement support. Likewise, local food banks and shelters are given our aid and support. It is our goal every year to find ways to further a better life and caring for humans and animals at home and across the world wherever the need is most prevalent. We also promote the care of our planet. We’ve cleaned trash and dangerous debris out of the forests so the animals can survive and thrive in their environment. We all need to work together to make the world a better place.

Question: You are known to be a very frequent traveler. How do you stay healthy during your trips?

Answer: After barely surviving some treacherous wilderness trips, I learned if nothing else to always travel with my Oreganol. Not only does it protect against cuts, burns, bites and wounds, it also makes food and water safe to eat and drink anywhere. It’s alright to eat and drink the natural forage such as fruits, vegetables and meat if desired, if you take precautions as I do with GermaClenz spray, Oreganol before I eat, and HealthBac at bedtime. Poor sanitation is one of the biggest dangers. Further, to stay strong and healthy especially while traveling, avoid all chemicals, junk food, sugar and alcohol. Rest well and stay hydrated with clean water. If unsure about cleanliness, a few drops of Oreganol will sterilize the germs and kill the parasites. Be very particular about cleanliness or there is a price to pay with exposure to unknown and unusual pathogens. When that happens, there is always Oreganol to the rescue. It always works. I end up taking care of everyone on remote trips, like the one I just returned from in Africa.

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