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Aquamin – a Star in the Mineral Category

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Consumers have many choices when it comes to mineral supplements, and manufacturers are looking for ways to remain competitive, which includes using ingredients with science-backed support, global trends such as clean labels initiatives, and delivery systems that enhance the customer’s experience.

According to Greg Berthomieu, vice president of strategic partnerships at California-based Stauber, Aquamin is a star product in the category. “The ingredient is a plant-based source of calcium, magnesium and 72 other trace minerals produced following strict responsible and sustainable practices,” Berthomieu said. “Its multimineral composition and the physical characteristics of the calcified seaweed the product is issued from gives this ingredient superior bioactivity and an organoleptic profile.”

The science behind Aquamin is diverse, giving companies a multitude of marketing options across therapeutic areas. “Marketers [have the option] to focus on specific segments in the bone health category such as the prevention of exercise-induced demineralization in sports nutrition or to move into new categories and target applications such as joint and digestive health based on the demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties of the ingredient,” Berthomieu explained.

With the various grades of Aquamin that have been developed, the ingredient can be incorporated into all kinds of delivery systems. “We have seen a lot of new, recent launches that utilize the unique characteristics of the Aquamin product line,” Berthomieu shared. Examples of new formulations include: Aquamin combined with curcumin and UCII collagen for improved joint support, Aquamin with vitamin D and vitamin K2 to support bone health, and Aquamin in stick pack formulations for powdered drink mixes.

Stauber is the exclusive distributor of Aquamin marine-based multi-minerals complex manufactured by Marigot Ltd. For more information, call (888) 441-4233.


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