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American Botanical Council Begins 30th Year

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On November 1, 2017, the American Botanical Council (ABC) begins its 30th year of nonprofit service, providing reliable, science-based information on the responsible use of herbs, medicinal plants, other beneficial botanicals, essential oils, fungi and related materials. The independent nonprofit has members in countries around the globe, has received numerous awards, and is recognized as a thought leader and innovator in the field of botanicals and herbal medicine.

In 1988, founder and Executive Director Mark Blumenthal established ABC with internationally esteemed ethnobotanist James A. Duke, PhD, and the late Norman R. Farnsworth, PhD, a renowned pharmacognosist and medicinal plant researcher. A few years later, another eminent pharmacognosist, the late Varro E. Tyler, PhD, also joined the Board of Trustees. They created the organization with the goal of providing accurate information to assist the public in making educated, responsible choices about herbal medicine in self-care and as an accepted part of health care. Thirty years later, their vision still drives the nonprofit’s mission and projects.

ABC Board of Trustees member Peggy Brevoort, a former member of the herb industry, congratulated ABC on its “passionate commitment to serving the ever-expanding herbal community.” She added, “Having known Mark for longer than 30 years, I can truly say that his vision and hard work have been the driving force behind ABC. With a dedicated staff, devoted board members and an enormous community of supportive members, ABC continues to stand at the forefront of bringing truthful information on the benefits and risks of herbs to the research community, health professionals, industry, the media and consumers.”

Blumenthal said, “I am profoundly grateful to the many dedicated people who have supported and helped build ABC to what it is today. Of course, this includes ABC’s amazingly dedicated staff—past and present—who have chosen the path of meaning, purpose and service to others by working at ABC. I also extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the members of the Board of Trustees, our extensive Advisory Board, and friends and colleagues who support ABC by participating in the ABC Director’s Circle, as well as every member of ABC: all of them endorse ABC’s unique and essential nonprofit educational mission, publications and programs.”

For more information, visit www.herbalgram.org.

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