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AjiPure Now Available at Premier U.S. Retailers

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Ajinomoto North America (Raleigh, NC) is bringing its AjiPure amino acids product line to new retailers across the country, according to a news report.

Eva’s Supplements and Natural Body Inc. in New York; Professional Supplement Nutrition in Texas; and Health Beyond Hype in Florida and California have all picked up AjiPure amino acids.

Steve Fink, business manager, AjiPure, said knowledgeable independent retailers are valuable sources of education and advice.

“Their dedication to the health of their customers mirrors our commitment to manufacturing the world’s purest amino acids for consumers from all walks of life ­ from elite athletes to the aging population to those following a vegetarian/vegan diet to anyone who wants to live a healthier, natural lifestyle,” said Fink.

For decades, amino acids have been recognized for their benefits to human body physiology, reported the company, adding that they are the fundamental building blocks of human tissues and offer a wealth of benefits to the body from boosting the immune system to aiding muscle development and supporting healthy sleep patterns.

AjiPure amino acids are environmentally sustainable, gluten free and vegan certified, noted the manufacturer, adding that they are also laboratory tested, non-GMO, GMP-compliant and contain no artificial additives or fillers.

“Our retail network is expanding quickly as more consumers appreciate the benefits of including amino acids in a comprehensive supplementation regimen and retailers realize the quality that AjiPure brings to their customers,” said Fink. “Customers ask for AjiPure by name, and we’re looking forward to placing our premium amino acids on the shelves of more local retail outlets to help them meet that demand.”

For more information, visit www.ajipure.com.

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