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Innovative Whole Food Supplements

For almost two decades North American Herb & Spice (NAH&S) has provided the worlds finest, most potent whole food supplements. The company began with the invention of the original Mediterraneansourced oil of wild oregano known as Oreganol P73 and expanded from there, making NAH&S the premier source for wild, raw, handpicked, additive-free formulations using the most powerful ingredients this planet has to offer.

NAH&S continues to develop innovative sources for its whole food supplements while maintaining strict ecological methods, fair trade and sustainability. The company’s products are ideal for individuals seeking optimal health and its business ethics are ideal for the planet, environment and communities in which we source. NAH&S it fully dedicated to supplying the highest-quality food that nature has to offer.

Through this dedication, NAH&S brings to you whole food supplements that are free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), free of synthetic additives and chemicals and free of dyes and preservatives. The company brings to you only the raw unadulterated power of nature and the unwavering passion of our company’s mission.


Research has proven that wild and organic plants are nutritionally superior to farm-raised conventional foods. The atmosphere in which wild and organic plants grow will always create a far more vital and nutrient-dense food product. These conditions cannot be replicated on a farm or in a laboratory and that is why our company sources only wild-crafted and organic herbs, spices and fruits from their native soils. This is what sets us apart.

Quality Assurance 

NAH&S takes pride in being good manufacturing practice (GMP) certified, chemical-free and ecologically conscious. Every batch that is produced for NAH&S is tested at the time of processing and all finished products are followed up with a certificate of analysis.

In order to render the best nutrition possible from the plant, NAH&S works very closely with the local farmers to ensure peak ripeness at time of harvest. Sustainability is maintained through the prevention of over-harvesting and deterring soil depletion as well as fair trade business practices and economic incentives. The remote lands in which the company harvests its herbs and spices and berries are protected from herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and residues of GMOs.

Customer Questions 

Q: What is the difference between Oreganol P73 and SuperStrength Oreganol P73?

A: SuperStrength Oreganol P73 is three times more concentrated than Oreganol P73. The label refers to a 50 mg serving, which accounts for the proprietary blend of wild Mediterranean oregano oil and organic extra virgin olive oil.

Q: What makes wild oregano oil important for daily use?

A: Wild oregano oil, when in a whole food extract form, is crucial in providing the body a delicate balance of phenolic compounds that support a healthy overall system. It is also one of the most potent antioxidants known, helping to support optimal cellular health—everywhere in the body. It is the safest and most ideal herbal antioxidant for everyday use.

Q: Why is Oreganol P73 different from other oregano oils?

A: Oreganol P73 is the only wild oregano oil made from a blend of high-mountain Mediterranean oreganos used throughout history. The oregano used in Oreganol P73 grows more than 12,000 feet above sea level directly out of calcium and magnesium-rich rock. This mineralpacked and ionically-charged soil makes Oreganol P73 the most unique and versatile oregano oil available.Other brands only use Origanum vulgare, which may claim to be Mediterranean but may be falsely labeled. Others also claim to be standardized and boast high carvacrol content, which is only achieved through the addition of synthetic chemicals. Still others are genetically engineered. Oreganol P73 is a whole food extract. Its delicate phenolic balance is unadulterated, and therefore, it is the very same oregano that has been a staple in the diet of those who have known its powers for thousands of years.

Dos & Don’ts 

Do your customers a favor and tell them to take the only, the real, original wild oregano oil—the only one tested and proven safe. A key to customer retention is to provide a product with a truly noticeable benefit. Do create a loyal customer by recommending Oreganol P73. Driven by results, you will provide your customer with good health and the best product for the price. Don’t accept cheap imitations made from GMO oregano, Thymus capitus, or Mexican sage. Do take Oreganol P73 every day: the only wild oregano recommended for daily use.